The Delightful Mushroom Named the Porcini



If you are looking for something to garnish your special family sauce with, then look no further than the porcini mushroom From Italy. These mushroom are a seasonal fungi that can be found along the country roadside forests in Italy pretty much throughout the country. These mushroom are great for cooking with, or even with a salad. They are not only plump and delicious; they are also large and beefy too. These mushroom are very much like the common portabella mushroom that you see so many people grilling or using as a burger itself.

Seasonal Forest Shopping

If you are going to go looking for the porcini mushrooms for yourself, then you are going to want to wait for a fall rain to obtain the best crop of mushrooms. This is when the fungi are at their peak, and you will find them in abundance within the forests that line the roadways throughout Italy. Canada Mushrooms You will not have to travel far or look very hard to find these mushrooms, as the forest floors are usually littered with them. You will however want to pay close attention to what you are actually picking. There is in fact another mushroom that is very similar in appearance and size that is anything but edible. You need to keep a keen eye out for the Amanita Muscaria, as it is quite a bit like the porcini mushroom with the distinct difference of an extreme neurotoxin found in the Amanita.

So Popular, You Need To Be A Licensed Picker

When you are going to pick Porcini mushrooms to either use immediately or even to store for later use, you will be interested and perhaps even shocked to learn that you are going to need a license to pick them. This is a rule in effect by the government of Italy, and there really is no way around this. This is nothing to fret about however, as it is anything but difficult to obtain a permit to pick these mushrooms. The biggest issue is that the government wants to ensure that the wildlife habitat is and will remain in tact while you pick these fungi. They have placed a bag limit on each picker to ensure of this. This is a small thing when you consider that you can actually buy preserved Porcini mushrooms on the roadside or even in specialty shops throughout Italy.

A Fantastic Addition To Any Sauce

If you are looking for the right addition to your homemade pasta sauce, then you really should consider the porcini mushroom as a good candidate for it. These mushrooms are bold and strong in flavor, and they have a wonderful aftertaste. These mushrooms are practically nature’s ingredients for the right sauce, and you will not find a better mushroom to use if you want the sauce to be traditional and true Italian pasta sauce. These mushrooms are great for grilling as well, or can even be used an ingredient for kabobs or other various side dish requirements.

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