Snorkelling Hike to the top of Sham Bay



The days are punctuated by a lot of snorkelling because the water is hot, and the bottoms are interesting to look at only in mask and snorkel. Fish, rays, even blacktip sharks, turtles, dolphins… Lots of animals to see 🙂 . Unfortunately, I don’t really like water, and I can’t stand something touching me under the water… Yes, I am contradictory, but kayaking is ON the water, not in the water! And Monsieur had come to make a sled dog while he does not like dogs What a couple! Water is a hostile place for me, and I have had minimal bathing. Also, in the beginning, there were types of non-stinging jellyfish: salps. Impossible to go in the water with that for me! But it was, I cooled off, and it was neat all the same.

We also benefited from night navigation. It gives a unique impression … A magic point was the sight of phosphorescent plankton. We had to hide from the moon, but in the “shadow” of the rocks, we did see the glowing plankton, and it is too cold! We sailed 3 hours at night, and for someone afraid of water, it is a bit long The arrival was saving

Hike to the top of Sham Bay

The last day of our stay was devoted to a hike, rather than going to explore a wadi, we chose to go and contemplate the bay that we had walked from the top of Sham bay! The hike is a bit long, you have to bring water! The terrain is rugged, but the views are worth the climb!

Kayaking in Oman, practical side

What climate is it like?

From the photos, we suspect that we are in a real desert, where the summer temperatures are unbearable. We are in the northern hemisphere, so summer is the same as ours. We left in early November, and the temperatures were around 34-35 ° C. The sea was 31 ° C (our guide had a small bath thermometer 🙂). So you have to protect yourself mainly from the sun. Being in the fall helps because our skin has already seen the sun in the summer (which is not the case in the spring).

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We had stormy precipitation in Abu Dhabi, and it goes quickly. It refreshes at worst!

Clothing and equipment, what to bring?

What should you take for a week of kayaking? Well, not much !! You already have very little room in the kayak. Our things must fit in a bag of 20 litres each …

  • A waterproof bag is a good buy because you will wet everything!
  • An outfit for paddling (shorts and t-shirt). I advise you that you can swim with it quickly (I took surf clothes).
  • At the foot, crocs are excellent, comfortable to put on / take off, cover for stony bivouacs and suitable for swimming.
  • A pair of bike type glove, because the fibreglass of the paddle hurt my hands by force.
  • For the first time, we left without even a sweater! I only had a long sleeve t-shirt (more for the sun). We did not miss him because, at night, the temperature barely drops.
  • To sleep, we had bought very compact + 10 ° C duvets, and that was more than enough. We were too hot at night, but we slept with the duvet open, in a tent (just the bedroom …)
  • An outfit to change is pleasant, all the same with force.

You can’t wash yourself, of course, and the salt in seawater can attack your skin. A moisturizer is not a luxury. We also had baby wipes to “desalt” (which we then burned), as well as a shower gel/shampoo to wash in the sea. Watch out for the latter, we had trouble finding it, for that it is not harmful to the sea.

Electronic objects are not recommended, because there is no electricity… So you have to provide batteries, and it will take up a little space!

Apply for a visa to enter Oman

To enter Oman Visa, it is necessary to make an electronic visa in advance. It is easy to do on the site directly, although it is a bit long. No need to go through an intermediary, by taking it a week in advance, it’s excellent! It will cost you much less… You will have a choice between two visas depending on the length of stay. Also, when crossing the land border between the Emirates and Oman, you will have to pay (one way only). We were 35 Dirhams/person from memory.

If you have other questions about the course of the stay, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments. And now: the film !!

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