Martin Lloyd Sanders Talks About the Health and Safety of Military Personnel



Veterans and military service members are the people who strive to fight for the country, and often make huge sacrifices for it. As mentioned by Martin Lloyd Sanders the health requirements of these individuals, as well as the medical issues that they face, are typically quite different from that of the civilians. During their service, military members have to deal with a lot of hazardous circumstances and extreme conditions. They may even get injured due to combat or high physical stress. There are many medical professionals appointed by the military who focus on looking after the health of these individuals, and try to ensure their well-being.

In addition to combat and other on-the-field tasks, military personnel may even suffer injuries due to the extensive fitness programs undertaken by them.  Good health and high fitness levels are crucial for all military professionals, but it is also important to make sure that they only get involved in programs or exercises after taking safety considerations into account. As pointed out by Martin Lloyd Sanders due to the rigorous exercises they have to carry out every day, safety is always a concern for military members. They can, however, reduce these risk levels by effectively following proper instructions, drinking plenty of fluids, watching out for others and working out with a friend. While avoiding risk on the field is often difficult, military personnel must take care of their health in the best way possible in other circumstances.

Most injuries suffered by military personnel off the field are due to overuse, which implies to the habit of exercising too much without proper intervals, along with a significant increase in the workload. These injuries can be treated simply with rest, ice, compression, and elevation, in the majority of the cases. There are medical professionals present at the military who can additionally be consulted for the treatment of these injuries. These medical professionals are responsible for taking care of the health and well-being of soldiers and other ranking military personnel, so as to ensure that they are fit for duty whenever required. Numerous people join the medical side of the military every year to help some of the bravest individuals of the planet.

According to Martin Lloyd Sanders, apart from adequate exercise and physical activities, proper hydration and nutrition are also needed by military personnel for the maintenance of their total fitness. Good dietary habits considerably aid in enhancing the ability of a person to perform at their maximum potential. Military personnel must focus on eating high proteins that help them to build lean muscle mass.

The dietary habits of military members have to go in sync with their exercise plan, as they must consume enough calories to meet their everyday fitness and energy requirements. Maintaining proper weight shall not be too difficult as long as the number of calories consumed by a person equals to the calories burned by them.

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