Car Jacking – Emergency Safety Measures That Could Save Your Life



There are a number of preventive measures you can take to improve your safety when confronted with a carjacking.

First, if confronted by a carjacker, and entry is made, get out of the vehicle if you can. Don’t argue, give it up, and get out. The last thing you want to do is go with a carjacker.

Nine times out of ten you will not survive if kidnapped with your vehicle. Whenever you are approaching your parked vehicle, take a few seconds and observe around your vehicle. Check the back seat before unlocking the door. Have your keys out and ready as you approach.

At night this can be made easier if you park your vehicle under a parking lot light, or other light source.

While traveling, the center lane allows for more maneuverability depending on traffic. The idea is to avoid being boxed in by other vehicles.

When in high-risk areas consider traveling with multiple people in one vehicle. This presents the potential carjacker with a harder target. Chances are, car jack for oil change you will not be bothered and the carjacker will move on to an easier target.

Something a woman can do to protect herself when walking to her car in the dark is to carry a small flashlight in her purse. Shine the light inside the car before entering and observe all areas around the car. Additionally it’s much better for her to take an escort with her to her car in the event someone is out there waiting for her.

Personal security preparations require a concerted effort to be effective. Like all things, it must be practiced everyday.

One thing about human nature that often works against us is the fact that we tend to be more adept at finding reasons why something will not happen, or justifying reasons not to act proactively.

Apathy, and procrastination are our worst enemies. Do not become complacent. Plan ahead for the simple act of walking to your car at night, and act to implement your plan when the need arises.

Planning ahead will save you much guilt later on, if things take a turn for the worse. Just as any business conducts risk management to determine strategic business moves, you, as a traveler can utilize this same technique.

Most of us realize to some extent, that some of us are more vulnerable to terrorist violence than others. As a result, the precautions we take may vary, depending on what the risk is at a particular time and place. Don’t be caught unaware.

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